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Cabanaconde City Colca USA is an institution based in the State of Maryland, that was born as a socio-cultural necessity of the emigrants from Cabanaconde residing in the USA.


It was founded on August 12, 1983 by a group of people from Cabanaconde, including US, Chilean and Mexican citizens. The institution was firstly, known as Cabanaconde City Association. 


Cabanaconde City Colca-USA represents all "Cabanacondinos" and descendants in this country of the United States and those who come from the district of Cabanaconde, province of Caylloma and Department of Arequipa, Republic of Peru. The institution also welcomes other citizens from other countries that are associated with CCC-USA. 
CCC-USA is an open social organization, all Cabanacondinos, friends and sympathizers join voluntarily and become a socio-cultural and sports institution, non-profit and without political and religious objectives; .incorporating itself to the laws and the values of the USA. 

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