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Our Wititi dance was acclaimed at the National Holidays celebrations in Washington DC

Washington DC, July 25, 2022. With great enthusiasm our Wititi dance highlighted the celebrations for the national holidays, organized by the Consulate General of Peru in Washington DC.

Yesterday in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC a Mass was held for the 201st anniversary of the independence of Peru, where the Peruvian Consul Carlos Manchego and high officials of the Peruvian Government and Armed Forces attended.

The protocol event was also attended by some other dance groups, but it was our Wititi dance that attracted so much attention and photographs that even members of the diplomatic member and military commanders were inspired to dance our dance, bringing even more joy to this event where more than a hundred people attended outside the Basilica.

None of this would have been possible mainly without the participation of our dancers (cabanas and collaguas), which we list below:


  • Joshua Gomez Cabana

  • Sofia Castro Torres.

  • Luana Ccasa Castro


  • Jhayzon Ticona

  • Rose Humari

  • Frank Ramirez

  • Yuliana Castro

  • Alberto Quico

  • Diana Estaña

  • Idalia Cano

  • Mercedes Cabana

  • Jesusa Gomocio

Who have dedicated their time to rehearse the previous days in the well-known place of "La Mariana" in Maryland. At the end of the event, all our dancers received a diploma of recognition from the Consulate.

In addition, we would like to thank the current Board of Directors, mainly to:

  • Luisa Mendoza, Vice-President

  • Gabriel Vera, Sub-Secretary of Culture, and

  • David Sanchez, Press Secretary

Finally, we would like to extend our thanks to Guido Maque, director of the band Show Juventud de Cabanaconde, who provided us with the audio material for our dance.

We would also like to thank Luisa Mendoza for providing us with some of the photographs shown below:


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