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Dream achieved, job accomplished

Maryland, December 30, 2022. In January 2020, when the present Board of Directors assumed the command of the Organization of Cabanaconde City Colca - USA, objectives were set according to reality, and that reality was to fulfill the dream of getting our own property where we could all call it "our home", a dream that encountered problems despite much effort, but finally after many challenges we were able to realize that longed-for house that will be the best legacy that we will leave to our children and we will be able to preserve our customs and traditions in addition to our sport that have been the engine that has motivated us to contribute our grain of sand for 2 years.

It is important to mention that the present board of directors was not unaware of the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic left on us, where in despite of the pain and suffering that in some way touched us, seeing that close and distant relatives and friends from the DMV area as well as from our town of Cabanaconde, we knew how to have the resilience and ability to overcome to not lose heart and continue with our objectives of keeping our families united through different activities in spite of these difficult circumstances that we had to live through.

Obviously, in this journey we had to adapt and adjust to the reality because as we all know the effort of each of the directors of the Board of Directors is voluntary, so some more directors joined in this last year to complement the work and objective that began almost 3 years ago.

The efforts of all the secretaries that make up our organization were very decisive for our objectives and activities can be realized, led by our President Angel Cano and Vice-president in the capable of Luisa Mendoza who have been able to bring to fruition all the objectives and invaluable support in each of the secretariats contributing their initiatives and ideas, Recognizing the work of each of the directors is not an act of egocentrism because the effort deployed has definitely been invaluable and deserves to be made known is this time that we have had to overcome the adversity that we have had to face and come out successful, proof of this is the achievement of our own land, planting and installation of water where they do nothing but build our own house, where we hope that future Boards of Directors will continue to maintain and even improve this great challenge. We are sure that this will be the case.

We would like to acknowledge:


Angel Cano


Luisa Mendoza Lupaca


Ruly Aguilar


Araly Bernal Quispe


Yuler Casaperalta


Juan David Sánchez


Julio Mendoza


Gabriel Vera


Gustavo Quico Mendoza


Reynaldo Torres


Ramón Guerra


Lucho Landa


Héctor López


Velén Guerra Tinta

Now that we are about to finish our administration we want to deeply thank all the people who in one way or another have supported us in our various activities without expecting anything in return, people from our town, and the province but also people who even not being from Peru have extended their hand to lend a hand.

The engine of our unit is and always has been our activities and one of them is the sport where our families have found a meeting point every weekend and despite the challenges of the pandemic we knew how to move forward because we know that the circumstances require that we must continue to collect money to have a stable economy after the acquisition of the land and the expenses and debts that this requires, that is why we thank all the people who have offered their help to achieve this important milestone in our history of the Organization that yearned for it since 1983.

We hope that with this growth at the organizational level, we are up to the demands that technology and communication in today's world require, that is why we thank all the people who have followed us on Facebook and also on our website because the current times demand that we must be connected to the world today in order to show the benefits of our people with a rich history and culture and thus integrate and partner with other organizations and thus have a greater presence in the virtual world and especially in our area of the DMV.

Finally we can only thank all of you without exception and let's always aim towards the sun, let's aim high for the good of our Organization and its people where the stranger feels like family.

Happy Holidays and a happy new year 2023.


2020 - 2023


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